Hanna | Your Friendly Travel Chatbot

A cute anime styled girl named Hanna, the mascot for Hanna Travel Chatbot

Need some assistance whilst traveling? Hanna, the friendly travel chatbot is here to help!

We all know that feeling you get after landing in a foreign country for the first time. A mixture of excitement, adventure, and fear. Being in a new country can be a bit confusing as there’s just so much to think about. Some common troubles travelers run into include time-differences, language barriers, and not to mention jet lag. Imagine how much easier traveling would be if you had your own personal assistant? Okay, okay, so we aren’t all super rich and we can’t all afford a butler. However, we’ve been thinking hard, and have come up with a solution!  We’ve developed a travel chatbot named Hanna that’s completely free to use! Hanna was created in the hopes of easing travel anxiety and what’s even better is that she’s so simple to chat to. Just head over to Facebook Messenger and ask her anything travel related.

The Rise of The Chatbots

Recently, there’s growing interest in chatbots, meaning travel chatbots like Hanna are on the rise. Did you know that Facebook now has over 11,000 on its Messenger platform alone! There’s also a ton of other platforms such as Line, Slack & Skype that have chatbot capabilities! Seems like these days there’s a chatbot for everything except worldwide travel assistance. though. Read on to find out more about Hanna, the friendly travel chatbot.

Facebook Messenger chat conversation between a customer and a travel chatbot

Advanced Ai Out Of Tokyo

Hanna is an intelligent travel chatbot powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence. Lovingly made by a group of hard-working engineers in Japan, (hence the anime-esqucuteness and robotic features) Hanna is a charming robot that sits right in your pocket. She’s ready to answer any travel related questions you might have. Just think of her as a virtual travel agent and ask away!

Facebook Messenger Chat between a human and a travel bot. The human is asking for assistance in Tokyo.

Dinner Reservations & More

Wondering where to eat? If you tell Hanna your budget, location and food preference, she can provide you with recommendations or even book a table for you!  As well as virtually making dinner reservations, Hanna will happily share sightseeing recommendations, transportation times and local area facts. Even better, she can check your flight status, check rental car prices and even notify you of delays. Any travel advice you need, Hanna will be there, ready to provide you with real-time replies, no waiting around for a travel agent or customer service to respond. That’s the beauty of travel chatbots! 

Facebook Messenger chat between a human and AI chatbot

Simple Travel Assistance

Hanna’s wish is to spread knowledge about different destinations and cultures, making your travel experience as smooth as possible. Hanna couldn’t be more simple to use. Just open Facebook Messenger and there she is. One of the many great things about Hanna is that she becomes smarter with every question asked. Advanced travel chatbot technology means that this gives you the most personalized travel assistance in the world…right in the palm of your hand!!

Going on vacation? What are you waiting for? There’s no need to download any separate messaging app. Chat now! 
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