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Connection, Discovery, Growth, Perspective.

But at the same time,

Loneliness, Anxiousness, Doubtfulness, Nervousness.

Every trip is a once in a lifetime experience, Thanks to my pocket-partner.

Hanna tells me anything, everything. Hanna takes me anywhere, everywhere.

Travel with Hanna



Want a traditional ryokan, comfortable capsule, swanky hotel or budget hostel? Hanna can quickly find quality accommodation for you.


Overwhelmed with dining options? Hanna can provide you with a personal restaurant recommendation.


Shrines in Kyoto, landmarks in Fukuoka, hiking routes in Yamanashi? Ask Hanna to find sightseeing spots in your area now!


From cutting-edge electronics to colourful anime goods, traditional crafts, trendy fashion and mega-malls, let Hanna find your next shopping destination.


Whether you're hopping on the Shinkansen or in a rush to get to your next destination. Hanna can guide you through Japan in the most effective way possible.


Want to know the history of the beautiful temple you're at right now? Chat with Hanna to find our interesting facts during your trip.


Hanna and Nagasaki Tabinet are working in partnership to promote international tourism throughout the Goto Islands. Goto consists of five main islands set atop the East China Sea. From southwest to northeast, they’re known as Fukue, Hisaka, Naru, Wakamatsu, and Nakadori. Its group name “Goto” literally means “five islands.”

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