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Travel Around Spectacular Papua New Guinea

The spectacular country of Papua New Guinea is comprised of more than six hundred small islands with over five kilometres of fabulous coastline that people can explore.  All the locals speak English, but there are over eight hundred indigenous languages that can be heard throughout all the islands.  All those languages can become confusing after awhile to visitors, but it can be interesting to hear them all when a person immerses oneself into all the local cultures and traditions. 

There are a plethora of beautiful places to see within this country including Port Moresby Nature Park.  This park is filled with idyllic botanical gardens and a zoo that has kangaroos, reptiles, and more than one hundred other animals.  Scattered throughout the park are native plants and orchids and people can walk along a long winding boardwalk that goes through some of the park’s most intriguing areas. 

People may want to tackle a challenging trek through the country by travelling along the ninety-six-kilometre Kokoda Trail.  The dry season of May through October is the best time to hike this trail through the magnificent rainforest full of history from the war.  Many of the servicemen who were killed in this area during the war are buried at the Bomana War Cemetery.  White marble headstones continue along the grass of the cemetery for what seems like forever and the only noticeable change in scenery that people will see is the Stone of Remembrance. 

Anyone who wants to embrace the cultures and traditions of Papua New Guinea will want to go to the village where they recreate the times of the Asaro Mudmen.  Years ago, men went into the Asaro River and came out covered in grey mud.  When the enemy spotted the mud-covered men, they believed the men had special powers, quickly became afraid, and ran. 

The crater lake on Mount Balbi might be stunning, but no one should ever visit the area without a guide.  Mount Balbi itself is an old caldera and volcanic cone that reaches over nine thousand feet high and the entire mountain is a phenomenal natural site.  Everyone will start their hike to the crater lake from the Wakunai Village and the views that they will see throughout their entire journey are breathtaking. 

Papua New Guinea is still a challenging country to visit, but that should not discourage a person from visiting to see all the amazing things that can be found within every village and city and on every island.  The natural beauty is something that needs to be discovered by everyone!

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