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Experience Beautiful Costa Rica

Spectacular Beaches

Costa Rica is quite the country as it is full of adventures, yet peaceful and tranquil at the same time.  Many people travel there to experience the quiet of the lush rainforests full of colourful wildlife, while others will be seen tackling the waves on surfboards, zooming down zip lines, or rushing through the white-water rapids on a raft. 

It is those adventures paired with nature, the spectacular beaches, and the amazing culture that continues to draw thousands of people to Costa Rica every single year.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that this tropical paradise meets the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other, adding to its diversity and charm. 

Everyone will want to begin their time in San José, which is Costa Rica’s capital.  The city can be used as either a central location for exploring the beaches and rainforests or as a way to learn more about this magnificent country before heading out to other areas.  The Jade Museum and Pre-Columbian Gold Museum are two of the best places to begin as they both hold wonderful collections full of information. 

Diverse Wildlife

Corcovado National Park is the most recommended rainforest in Costa Rica, as the eleven thousand acres have quite the diverse wildlife.  While wildlife can be spotted at any time of the day, frequent visitors state that they see the most animals earlier in the morning.  Hiking along the beautiful trails is the easiest way to spot any of the macaws, spiders, howler monkeys, tapirs, and jaguars, and anytime people need a break, they can head to the twenty-three miles of sandy beaches for a swim or a nap.

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Lava and Ash Everywhere…

Not everyone wants to get too close to a volcano, active or not, but no one should pass up the opportunity to see Arenal Volcano up close from the Arenal Observatory Lodge.  This volcano sat dormant for many years until 1968 when it awoke and started spewing lava and ash everywhere.  Arenal continued to stay active for quite some time, sending molten lava and glowing rocks down the sides of the volcano, until it suddenly stopped in 2010.  A thick layer of fog normally covers the volcano, but during the months of February through April, there is a slight chance that the fog will lift, and a person’s view will be unobstructed. 

Immerse yourself in 3% magma…

Anyone who has ventured to the Arenal Volcano will want to consider taking a dip in the Tabacón Hot Springs.  These springs are complete with a slow flowing waterfall and are surrounded by tropical foliage.  Everyone who soaks in the springs will be immersed in ninety-seven percent rainwater and three percent magma for the ultimate in relaxation experience. 

Everyone who travels to Costa Rica is in for an experience of a lifetime as the country offers so many things that other areas of the world do not.  The tranquillity, the beauty, and the adventures are only a few of the many things that people will enjoy while visiting this extraordinary country. 

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