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Unmissable scenic spots in San Francisco

Ever thought of a place full of fabulousness and more specifically full of fog? Be honest, we all love to travel, right? But deciding a place takes such a long time that we become tired thinking about it! But traveling is worth the tiredness. Talking about places, San Francisco is that one place which shouldn’t be missed. The city has an average temperature of 19° which makes visitors happier as the temperature remains pleasant all the time. In order to roam around in this beautiful city, Muni is the most convenient mode of transportation, San Francisco’s bus and metro system.

Talking more about San Francisco, It is a major city in California, the centerpiece and most known place of the Bay Area, famous for its liberal community, hilly terrain. From having Victorian architecture, summer fog, scenic beauty, great ethnic and cultural diversity, San Francisco is the real deal. These are only a few aspects of the city which make San Francisco one of the most visited cities in the world and there’s definitely more.

Every Bay Area in San Francisco is built keeping food in the first place and to make dinner decisions easy in the city. San Francisco is known to have the most number of restaurants and farmers markets per capita in North America, supplied by local organic farms. The best dish to try while you are in San Francisco is Cioppino. It’s a seafood stew. The dish recipe was created in San Francisco after an Italian fisherman migrated to the city. San Francisco was also the city to set the gold standard for Wild West saloons. Today, San Francisco celebrates its vintage and speakeasies saloons. Furthermore, here are a number of places to visit in San Francisco.

Baker Beach

Sandwiched between the iconic Golden Gate and the luxurious Sea Cliff neighborhood, Baker Beach is a like a hidden gem in the face of a beach. With spectacular views of the Marin Headlands, it is one of the most loved and visited beaches. Here is a small tip for you here, take your scenic hike further towards east to battery trail, in order to get even more closer views of the bridge. You are most welcome.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks are San Francisco most famous hills. Not to forget, they are also the highest points apart from Mt. Davidson. This undeveloped area to our surprise is both a tourist hotspot and an urban sanctuary as well. There is a road which will take you to the peaks. But we would suggest you go to the top, as it offers an enthralling 360 view of the whole city and it’s just too beautiful to watch.

Coit Tower

Go around the hill to get to the base of Coit Tower for some enormous, breath-taking views of the bay. It offers a beautiful 360 view of the city below it. Also, while you will be consumed watching the view, you will also find yourself falling in love with the beautiful multi-colored parrots residing here.

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