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7 Places Everyone Can Have a True Ayahuasca Experience

Inducing altered states of consciousness

Ayahuasca is a jungle tea that is made with a vine of the same name as well as another ingredient of either chacruna or chagropanga.  The tea is drank during a ceremonial session of a retreat and can be mildly stimulating or extremely visionary.  The effects of this medicinal tea can last anywhere from four to eight hours after it is ingested, and it should only be used with an experienced person present.  

Many people use ayahuasca to communicate with nature or to become more spiritual.  In certain religions, people feel that drinking this tea together and singing will allow them to enter a healing type of trance.  Others have used ayahuasca to face and conquer their fears.

Potential side effects

There are two potential side effects of drinking ayahuasca and they are vomiting and diarrhea.  This is supposed to be good though as they both cleanse a person’s body as their mind is being purified through the visions they are having.

Here are 7 places everyone can have a true ayahuasca experience:

1. Kapitari

Kapitari can be found amongst the Amazon rainforest near Iquitos in Peru.  They have been welcoming people who have been interested in ayahuasca for more than fifteen years and they currently have a seven-day retreat that features four ayahuasca ceremonies.  This retreat is perfect for anyone new to this practice, as there is an orientation meeting about ayahuasca and the ceremonies, and integration discussions in the morning after the ceremonies.  Guests will also receive one mud bath, one fruit bath, and purification and aromatic plant baths during their stay. 

2. Lotus Vine Journeys

This ayahuasca retreat is held at the Eco-Lodge in Tarapoto in Peru, which is only an hour plane ride from Lima.  This retreat is fourteen days long and features eight ayahuasca ceremonies for a deeply transformative experience.  Each day is filled with Vipassana, a heart-centered body awareness meditation practice, as well as a vegetarian diet. 

3. Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center

The Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center is near Cuenca in Ecuador in the Andes Mountains.  During a stay at this retreat center, guests can participate in ayahuasca ceremonies, meditate, go on day hikes, go on a day trip to Cuenca, and focus on their inner journey.  Guests are even invited to stay at the center permanently by building their own home in a community nearby. 

4. Nihue Rao

Nihue Rao can be found along the Rio Nanay in a quiet area of the jungle just to the south of the Iquitos airport in Peru.  Guests are allowed to stay at Nihue Rao for as long as they wish and ayahuasca ceremonies are held four times a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  Wednesdays and the weekends are used for rest and integration.  In addition to the ayahuasca ceremonies, guests may also be prescribed medicine plant treatments, purgative plants, flower baths, vapor baths, and cataplasm to enhance their individual experience at the resort. 

5. Nimea Kaya Healing Center

Nimea Kaya offers a nine-day ayahuasca retreat and they limit each one to sixteen people for a more personal experience during the ceremonies.  They make the ayahuasca they use in the tea right before they steep it for the ceremony, so it is always fresh. 

6. Temple of the Way of Light

The Temple of the Way of Light is in the middle of the Amazon rainforest and the beauty should not be missed when people are there for any of their retreats.  Guests can participate for a 9-day, 12-day, 13-day, or 3-week ayahuasca retreat and most of them include meditation, yoga, art therapy, and processing sessions.  There are daily floral baths as well as ayahuasca balanced diets so that everyone has the best experience during their retreat. 

7. Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center

This ayahuasca center in Brazil welcomes everyone to find their true self while meeting others who want to do the same.  During the eight and nine-day retreats, the ayahuasca ceremonies are held every other evening, and workshops and other activities are held in between.  When guests have free time, they are encouraged to spend time at the beach or revel in the beauty of the jungle. 

Ayahuasca is not new, but not too many people have heard of it before.  However, there are plenty of places where people can go to learn more about ayahuasca and experience it safely.  It can open a whole new world to many people and shouldn’t be discounted without looking into it thoroughly. 

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