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Top Must-Do Activities in Busan, South Korea

Seoul might be a hotspot for tourism lately, but there is much more to South Korea than the pop and glitz of it’s mega city. Located in the southern reaches of South Korea, closer to Japan, is Busan. The seaside town is quieter and sunny, but being that it’s the second largest city in the country, it has an endless amount of activities that will keep everyone in your group entertained.

Check out these top must-do activities in Busan to add to the bucket list:

1. Taejongdae Resort Park

Cliffs and raging water at Taejongdae, Busan in South Korea

Love the ocean, boundless skies, and hiking along cliff sides? Then you should check out the Taejongdae Resort Park. The highest rocky peak is 250 meters above sea level, giving you a fabulous viewpoint to admire the horizon. You can traverse the park yourself or join a walking tour (but those cater to couples and families). For those who want a more relaxing experience, hop aboard the Danubi Train that takes you sight-seeing around the park.

2. Sea Life Busan Aquarium

A Whale shark at Sealife center aquarium in Busan, South Korea

Located on the famous Haeundae Beach, Sea Life Busan Aquarium is a place that offers undersea adventure and education for all ages. The collection of marine inhabitants is huge—over 250 species of aquatic life. The aquarium is divided into eight zones, but the most climatic element would be the 4D thrill ride. Or, if you want to get up close and personal with sea life, why not scuba dive with sharks? Once you are done diving into pools of knowledge, replenish your energy at the underground restaurant.

3. Jagalchi Fish Market

Black and white photography at the fish market in Busan, South Korea.

it might not be as grand as Japan’s Tsukiji Market, Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan is a landmark for the region and a definite must-see. Rarely do you get a chance to see Korean culture and taste traditional food nowadays, but at this fish market, you can experience the best opportunities. Travel along the main street, admiring the expansive gathering of street food stalls. Within the market, there’s a spread of raw and cooked seafood to check out—and maybe bring back to the hotel or hostel to cook!

4. Gamcheon Culture Village

Colorful shanty town named Gamcheon, in Busan, South Korea

When you see pictures of Busan in travel magazines, you probably are taking a look at the vividly colored and iconic village known as Gamcheon. The architecture, color, and layout of the area lends it a look that has been called a cross between Santorini, Greece and Machu Picchu, Peru. Beyond the photo opportunities, Gamcheon Culture Village has a bunch of excursions to immerse you in Busan’s endearing culture. For example, you can learn some traditional Korean crafts or pick up one-of-a-kind art work from one of the many workshops in the village. Just remember, this place is also residential, so be respectful!

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