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6 pictures of Montenegro to make you pack your bags right now

The European country of Montenegro might seem small, but it has a plethora of massive mountains, stunning beaches, and interesting villages and towns.  Visitors can be seen exploring this country as they go on one adventure after another and they will learn about the rich history of the area at the same time.

A man hiking in Montenegro

Many people can be seen lining the beautiful beaches during the days that they are not out hiking or horseback riding along the numerous trails.  No one can resist the fragrant blossoms and wild herbs that grow during the summer, and people will often stop to smell them during their travels. One of the first things that everyone should do when they arrive in Montenegro is plan a rafting trip down the Tara River.  Rafting along this river is the most popular activity in the country and that is not surprising with the scenery that can be seen during the trip.  This river forms the deepest canyon within Europe and the blue water glistens with the mountains in the background.

A beautiful lake in Montenegro

To see even more of nature near the Tara River, people will want to venture further into Durmitor National Park. This park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains eighteen glacier lakes, the Nevidio Canyon, and the high peak of Bobotov Kuk.  No one will want to miss the breathtaking ice cave that can be found at the foot of the Obla Glava peak.

The old town of Kotor in Montenegro

The narrow streets of Kotor Old Town welcome everyone from near and afar with its charming squares and an abundance of stone buildings.  As people are walking through the town, they will want to climb the walls of the fortress to see phenomenal views of the bay. The Maritime Museum of Montenegro is also a wonderful place to visit to learn more about the history of the sea while viewing artefacts.

Boats in the Old Town of Kotor, Montenegro

Relaxing days are necessary when people are on vacation and the beaches within Budva are the best places to enjoy them.  There are seventeen beaches in Montenegro, and each one is unique with either reefs, cliffs, coves, or islands being the main attraction.  Jaz Beach is one of the three largest beaches, but Becici is often recognized as the most beautiful.

The Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro

The Ostrog Monastery was created when it was carved into the side of a vertical cliff, which makes this quite the fascinating attraction.  Inside the monastery, people will find painted antique frescoes, two churches, and the remains of the Bishop of Herzegovina Vasilije. Visitors can spend the night at the monastery if they are there during the summer and everyone will want to taste the fresh water that flows through the natural spring behind the building.

View from up high looking over the bay in Montenegro

There is so much to do outside in Montenegro, but that will be appreciated by anyone who loves spectacular weather and the beauty that can be found in the country. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and make Montenegro your next vacation destination now! 

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