A woman in sunglasses jumps up in the middle of an empty road with rocky outcroppings in the background
Europe, Travel

6 Amazing Road Trips To Take in Europe

The world that eyes yearn to view isn’t usually found in bustling city centres and in shopping malls. Sometimes, the greatest way to truly experience the world is to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and go on a road trip. Hitting the highways and country roads of Europe will lead to discoveries of hidden hamlets and mesmerising sights.…

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Soba noodles in a rectangle dish with a bottle of sake
Asia, Japan

5 Delicious Japanese Dishes To Try Other Than Sushi

Japan is a unique blend of time periods- traditional and ultra-modern, it hosts some of the world’s largest and best cities as well as some of the most beautiful scenic landscapes. Taking in the fascinating culture and awe-inspiring sights can be tiresome work- so why not have a pit stop and try some of these lovely Japanese dishes? 1. Takoyaki…

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A view of Mount Fuji covered in snow reflecting on a lake, Japan.
Travel, World

5 Hidden Places on Mountains Around the World

Mountain ranges are truly breath-taking and mysterious places. Travelling up a mountain is a real feat of strength- whether you’re thinking of trekking up with your camera to take breath-taking photos or you’re planning on your next skiing holiday, there’s no denying that mountains are great holiday destinations. But what about those areas of the mountains which not many people…

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