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5 Hidden Places on Mountains Around the World

A view of Mount Fuji covered in snow reflecting on a lake, Japan.

Mountain ranges are truly breath-taking and mysterious places. Travelling up a mountain is a real feat of strength- whether you’re thinking of trekking up with your camera to take breath-taking photos or you’re planning on your next skiing holiday, there’s no denying that mountains are great holiday destinations. But what about those areas of the mountains which not many people get to explore? What about all those little-hidden gems on the mountain?

Check out these 5 cool hidden places on mountain ranges across the world.

People watching the sunrise at the top of Mount Fuji, Japan

Fuji, Japan

At the top of Mount Fuji lies Fujisan Hongū Sengen Taisha Oku-no-miya. Originally a shrine to the goddess Konohanasakuya, it sits above the clouds and on clear days, has views of Tokyo. Make sure to bring your camera because the view is to die for! There are both books and hiking sticks available at gift shops along the mountain trail and you can get a stamp from the shrine- it’s a great keepsake. (Thinking of heading to Japan, make sure to check out our Nara article!)

A besutiful village set in the mountain in Armenia

Tatev monastery, Armenia

Built in the 9th century, Tatev is a UNESCO World Heritage site. During medieval times, it played an integral part in the development of Armenian scholarly thought, enlightenment, and spirituality.  It also hosts the tomb of Grigor Tatevatsi, the last saint of the Armenian Church. Not only is this place a fascinating historical landmark, but it’s also got beautiful views and architecture.

A emerald lake in the midst of a hiking track in Montana

Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

There are SO many great views and hidden gems at Glacier National Park- it was pretty hard to pick just one gem to show you!

We decided to show you the Hidden Lake Overlook- one of the easier trails to climb. The entire length of this hike is completely open and exposed as you walk through the alpine meadows. The entire round trip is just short of 3 miles and is an idealistic scenic afternoon hike.

Glacier national park has loads of trail available for you to check out- so why not make a holiday of it?

Stone ruins at the Butrint National Park, Albania

Butrint National Park, Albania

Butrint is a breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage site in Albania with a vast array of architecture from different eras. Situated in the hinterlands, Butrint constitutes a very rare combination of archaeology and nature. There is evidence to suggest that this area was occupied as early as 50 000 BC, at its earliest evidence, up to the 19th century AD. There is a wide range of styles which appear to have influenced the architecture here- ranging from Greek to Mediterranean. If you’re interested in history and architecture, this is definitely a good destination for you!

A wooden lodge with a hot spring pool in front of it, Colorado

Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado, USA.

Formed out of an abandoned 1880s ghost town, Dunton is a series of log cabins which sits 8,600 feet high on the West Fork of the Dolores River. Not only does it have a feeling of being at home with nature, but the hot springs are heavenly. Not only does Dunton Hot Springs offer a stylish outdoors feeling, but you’re never too far from your creature comforts. The cabins are fully heated with wifi available. The entire place brings the best parts of the past and present day together in a beautiful combination.

If you’re looking for something a little different and nice hideaway, why not try visiting one of these super cool and quiet locations?


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