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3 Inspiring Solo Trips to Take After a Break-up

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Whether it’s your first love or a long-term relationship gone sour, wallowing in heartbreak isn’t healthy. If you’re recently single and ready to start the healing process, a good dose of travel should do the trick. After all, travelling is proven to make you happier. On top of that, solo travel is an incredible chance to grow as a person. We understand everyone mends in their own way, so we’ve comprised 3 different types of trips for recently single solo travellers.

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1. The Forget & Reconnect Trip

Where: Thailand.
Why: Affordable  / Easy to get around / Friendly locals.
Currency: Baht
Average time spent in country: 14 days +
We recommend: STA Travel Tours

Thailand is the starter country for most backpackers; a right of passage, an initiation. 32.6 million people travelled to the Buddhist country in 2016 and numbers increase year on year. Booming tourism allows Thailand to be immensely backpacker friendly, regardless of being solo or in a group. There are fantastic transport links from Bangkok to all major islands plus affordable accommodation, food and drink. 

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Start on Bangkok’s Khao San Road for a few nights and make new friends. Next, head south to one of the many idyllic islands. We recommend snorkelling on Koh Tao, a National Park with a rich abundance of marine life, or participating in a Muay Thai class on the island of Koh Samui (it’s a guaranteed stress reliever!) Feeling more adventurous? Hire a moped and scout out one of the many natural waterfalls – don’t forget to wear a helmet though! Keeping active means keeping your mind occupied. So forget that your recently single and enjoy everything the beautiful country of Thailand has to offer.

3.The Appreciate & Acknowledge Trip

Where: Luleå, Sweden
Why: Hiking / Fresh Air / Scenery
Currency: Krona
Average time spent in country: 3-5 days
We recommend:

After a break-up, you might be inclined to get back to nature. You also might want to steer away from social media. After all, fresh air and gentle exercise promote happiness. We’ve picked Sweden as our top destination to get some quality time with the great outdoors. Located close to Norway, in the far north of Sweden, is the quaint town of Luleå. Using Lulea as a base, there are several glorious hikes located within a short distance. With pristine lakes, grand trees and cosy log cabins, it’s hard not to appreciate all mother nature has to offer, you may even spot some moose along the way! Spend a long weekend here revitalising yourself, appreciating nature and come back feeling refreshed.  

2.The Reflect & Grow Trip

Where: Azores, Portugal
Why: Yoga / Meditation / Mindfulness
Currency: Pesos
Average time spent in country: 4 days
We recommend:

The beautiful country of Portugal is located in Western Europe and home to a plethora of yoga retreats. Yogis particularly descend upon the blissful town of Azores. The Azores region is peaceful and full of dramatic landscapes; perfect for meditation. Additionally, money goes a long way here, with 1 euro buying you a delicious plate of tapas or a glass of wine. There are plenty of yoga retreat options to choose from in the region, as well as drop-in classes if you don’t want to fully commit. Whichever you choose, the breathtaking scenery and overall zen of the region will surely aid in your healing process.

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