Tokyo’s Most Instagrammable Locations


With its eclectic mix of history, culture and technological modernity, Tokyo is perhaps the most photogenic city on the planet. Read on to discover our favourite places to take that perfect insta-worthy snap!

TeamLab Borderless

A kaleidoscopic world of colours and sounds, TeamLab Borderless is the culmination of 17 years worth of experience in the spheres of art and technology. Climb through the dazzling athletics forest, leap on cosmological trampolines and immerse yourself in stunning light installations. With infinity mirror rooms and free wifi, the TeamLab Borderless experience has been designed with instagram in mind. We recommend getting the night pass and exploring TeamLab after dark to minimise queue waiting times and maximise your photo opportunities! Book your tickets here!


Tokyu Plaza Omotesando-Harajuku

Designed by award-winning architect Hiroshi Nakamura, the entryway to Tokyu Plaza Omotesando offers a mind-bending experience. The multifaceted mirror structure envelopes visitors in a futuristic world, and creates an iconic frame for the bustling Harajuku crossing below. But, be warned: having become a hot spot for tourists in recent years, you may have to queue to capture this topsy-turvy scene.


Gotokuji Temple

This Edo-period Buddhist temple has become famous for its proliferation of maneki-neko (beckoning cats). Legend has it, a cat under the care of a priest at Gotokuji Temple led Lord Naotaka to safety during a thunderstorm by raising its paw and beckoning him inside. Grateful for the shelter, this feudal lord donated a fortune to the poverty-stricken temple, allowing it to flourish and prosper. Today, the temple has become a popular place for visitors to take photos, surrounded hundreds of these maneki-neko.


Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

A hidden tea house nestled within a flower shop, Aoyama Flower Market will have you feeling as though you’ve entered a magical fairy garden. With delicate desserts that are every bit as beautiful as the surrounding flowers, this café is truly an instagrammer’s dream. Adorned with different plants every week, Aoyama Flower Market can be visited over and over again, so you can make the most of their floral backdrops. Have a browse of their menu here, and plan your next brunch trip!


Meiji Jingu’s Sake Barrels

Beautiful, colourful and unique, Meiji Jingu’s display of sake barrels make for a truly intriguing photo. Called Sakedaru or Kazaridaru in Japanese, these barrels are donated by sake breweries from all over Japan and are often stacked six rows high. Capture your Meiji Shrine memories here for a stunningly different holiday snap.


Hie Jinja Shrine

If you can’t make it to Kyoto to snap a photo of Fushimi Inari, then the Hie Jinja Shrine in Tokyo might just be the next best thing. Nestled against a hill in Asakasa, this shinto shrine pays homage to Oyamakui-no-kami, the guardian of the mountain and protector of Tokyo. Visit the shrine from the back entrance and immerse yourself in 90 scarlet Torii gates before taking a break and relaxing in the meditative atmosphere of the main shrine.


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