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Sunsets and Romance on the island of Enoshima.

Sunset with enoshima island in the background

Enoshima is a small island in Japan’s Kanagawa prefecture. Providing respite from city life, Enoshima is located only 1.5hours away from Toyko. The island itself is quite small and can be entirely walked around at a leisurely pace within the day. Although Enoshima can get busy, it’s well worth the journey for the views alone. If you can, try going on a weekday to avoid the extra domestic tourism. 

How to get to Enoshima from Tokyo. 

From Shinjuku, take the Express of Rapid Express train to Fujisawa on the Odakyu line. From Fujisawa, transfer to the small local train bound for Katase-Enoshima Station. 

Shirasu for breakfast?

Shirasu is the most famous snack on Enoshima island. Shirasu are small sardine type fish that can be placed on top of just about anything. The Japanese people love Shirasu so much, I wouldn’t be surprised if they put it on their ice cream! If you’d like to try the fish out, make sure to order Shirasu-Don (fish on rice) at one of the many speciality restaurants in the area. 

Bowl of Shirasu white fish

Hetsunomiya Shrine

After ascending up the initial pathway to Enoshima island, you will be greeted with the impressive Hetsunomiya shrine which makes for an enviable Instagram post. The stairs also are the beginning of your adventure around the island. If you prefer not to take the stairs, a paid escalator is available to the left of the shrine. 

Red Tori gates with shrine and sea view
The view behind Hetsunomiya Shrine

Impressive Viewpoints

There are several viewpoints around the island that are sure to impress. We went just before sunset to experience the brilliant colours of the sky. Following the path from Hetsynomiya shrine, you’ll come to Kamegaoka plaza in the centre of the island. Here, you can recharge your batteries, grab a coffee and get snapping. 

Sunset with green filled cliffs and sea views
Kamegaoka plaza viewpoint

Sunset with Mt. Fuji views

After meandering through the old traditional streets you’ll come to Chigogafuchi plateau, the final area of the island. If you’ve come at the right time, grab a beer from one of the vendors and watch the sunset. On a clear day, you can see Mount Fuji standing proudly in the distance. Chigogafuchi is perfect for a date as the atmosphere is very romantic. 

Two people with beers with sunset in background
Watch the sunset at Chigogafuchi plateau

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