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Lake Kawaguchiko: The Ultimate Short Trip From Tokyo.

Lake Kawaguchiko is situated at the border of the Japanese towns of Fujikawaguchiko and Minobu in southern Yamanashi Prefecture that sits near the famous Mount Fuji.

Kawaguchiko is the most famous of the “Fuji Five Lakes” of Japan and perhaps the most easily accessible because it has many train and bus connections that lead to the lake to and from Tokyo. 

Huge mountain with a red tori gate

Lake Kawaguchiko is a major tourist attraction because of the beauty that it holds and also because at the eastern end of the lake is a hot spring resort with breathtaking views of the famous Mount Fuji. The northern and western ends of the lake remain mostly undeveloped.

The northern shore of Lake Kawaguchiko provides the most amazing views of Mount Fuji and is simply a must-see especially during the cherry blossom season (observed during the mid of April) and of course the gorgeous views that are formed with the Autumn colours (around the last week of the month of November.)

Cherry blossoms and mountain
Mt. Fuji in Spring

The Lake is an absolute dream destination and heaven for photographers and nature lovers with epic sceneries and enticing views especially because of the soothing reflective surface of the lake, the cherry blossoms, and the proximity of Mount Fuji and its views.

Better yet, along the northern shore of the lake is a road section that is covered with maple trees as if they were decorating it to welcome visitors with all the glory of nature; which is known as the “Momiji Tunnel”. Photographers enjoy taking pictures of the beautiful views here.

Autumn leaves and red trees line a tunnel
Momiji Tunnel

On the west side of the lake is the Oishi Park, which is another must-visit and is a major tourist attraction that showcases lavender in full bloom during the months of June and July.

Lavender fields with a mountain in the background.

Other than the stunning views at Lake Kawaguchiko, there are many other interesting and amazing tourist attractions here that are a must-experience, especially for nature-lovers. These wonderful tourist attractions include hot spring baths, a number of interesting museums, exciting boat tours, the Fuji Q amusement Park, and a ropeway that leads to a small mountain near the lake.

We highly recommend taking a trip to Hana no Miyako Koen, for the most instagramable pictures of Mt. Fuji.

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