Europe, Ireland

Belfast & The Causeway Coast, Northern Island.

In celebration of St. Patricks day, Hanna-Travel has written a special post on Belfast & The Causeway Coast. A destination to add to you travel bucket list. Timeless Beauty It’s amazing to see Belfast’s transformation over the past two decades. A city which was once patrolled by heavily armed troops and determined by sectarian violence has now become full of…

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Asia, Singapore

Singapore Top Green Picks

A lot of people will describe Singapore as a mega city, comprised of various districts with their own unique flair. What is commonly overlooked, though, is the admirable attention to green space. Singapore wants to be the greenest city in the world, and it is quite obvious when you find yourself in this remarkable city. For those who love nature,…

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South America

7 Places Everyone Can Have a True Ayahuasca Experience

Inducing altered states of consciousness Ayahuasca is a jungle tea that is made with a vine of the same name as well as another ingredient of either chacruna or chagropanga.  The tea is drank during a ceremonial session of a retreat and can be mildly stimulating or extremely visionary.  The effects of this medicinal tea can last anywhere from four…

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San Francisco, USA

Unmissable scenic spots in San Francisco

Ever thought of a place full of fabulousness and more specifically full of fog? Be honest, we all love to travel, right? But deciding a place takes such a long time that we become tired thinking about it! But traveling is worth the tiredness. Talking about places, San Francisco is that one place which shouldn’t be missed. The city has…

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Asia, Japan

The Top 5 Things to Do in Nara, Japan.

The cradle of modern Japanese civilization might have more deer than human inhabitants, but the rich history of the region is mesmerizing; and the quaint landscape will leave you feeling completely Zen. Nara has some of the best temples, shrines, and other historical sites, including neighborhoods comprised of traditional wooden buildings. Whether you head to Nara alone or with a…

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Chicago, Travel, USA

Top Free Things to Do in Chicago

Thе Windу Citу, more рорulаrlу knоwn аѕ Chicago, iѕ реrhарѕ the mоѕt exciting city in thе US. It iѕ thе largest city in Illinois аnd оffеrѕ a fаntаѕtiс blеnd оf mоdеrnitу and traditional сulturе. Thе city has A LOT to оffеr реорlе viѕiting it. Here are frее thingѕ to dо in Chicago: 1 – Chicago Hiѕtоrу Muѕеum On Mоndауѕ, аdmiѕѕiоn…

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Costa Rica, South America, Travel

Experience Beautiful Costa Rica

Spectacular Beaches Costa Rica is quite the country as it is full of adventures, yet peaceful and tranquil at the same time.  Many people travel there to experience the quiet of the lush rainforests full of colourful wildlife, while others will be seen tackling the waves on surfboards, zooming down zip lines, or rushing through the white-water rapids on a…

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Asia, Taiwan, Travel

A weekend in marvellous Taipei, Taiwan.

Travelling to Taipei is easy and practical and it’s the first thing in mind for all the travellers who want to spend just a weekend abroad. If you’re backpacking Asia, do not miss the opportunity to spend some time in the marvellous capital of Taiwan. In this splendid city, a fusion of Asian-cultures, architecture, and beauty entice even the novice…

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Papua New Guinea, Travel, Vacation Tips

Travel Around Spectacular Papua New Guinea

The spectacular country of Papua New Guinea is comprised of more than six hundred small islands with over five kilometres of fabulous coastline that people can explore.  All the locals speak English, but there are over eight hundred indigenous languages that can be heard throughout all the islands.  All those languages can become confusing after awhile to visitors, but it…

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