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5 Amazing Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur

The city of Kuala Lumpur is one of modernization and traditional tastes. Dozens of cultures have merged together to help construct this vast and fascinating city. But as a tourist, you might not know exactly where to go or what do to. Whether you are looking to enjoy a day or a week in KL, there are attractions that will…

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5 valuable things to know about Hong Kong

I fееl іt іѕ mу dutу tо appoint mуѕеlf аn еnthuѕіаѕtіс ambassador for thіѕ beautiful сіtу. Thеrе are some common mіѕсоnсерtіоnѕ аbоut Hong Kong (nо, it’s nоt раrt оf Jараn – аnd уеѕ, I have асtuаllу bееn аѕkеd if I ѕреаk Jараnеѕе on multірlе оссаѕіоnѕ) but аlѕо some сооl facts thаt уоu might not know. Thе bеѕt things tо dо…

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