Travelling to Japan has never been this easy, especially if you have a personal assistant who will guide you all the way and help you break all the barriers and making the trip enjoyable and fulfilling. We have developed an application that will guide you on where to eat, find accommodation easily and suggest places that you should visit during your travel to Japan.

You may be wondering how this is possible since you do not speak fluent Japanese or can’t utter a word in the language! But no need to worry because the app is your translator. Named Hanna, the app contains a chatbot, acting like your personal assistant while in Japan. It will help you book hotels and restaurants, recommend places where you can eat and even suggest sightseeing spots.

Hanna is a startup company based in Tokyo Japan. It was formed by an ambitious engineer who is passionate about helping people find their way while visiting Japan. It is meant to help foreigners enjoy their visit. The developer understands that language barriers can make navigation through a foreign city difficult, given the fact that most of the directions are in Japanese and majority of the people using the language can make foreigners confused. With a personal assistant, all this is made easy because one does not have to keep on looking for tools to help in translating directions and visitors do not have to worry about places where they will find food and accommodation. They do not even have to look for places where they can visit for sightseeing purposes. All this information is available, right in the palm of their hand. They have within their reach a personal assistant who will guide them all the way, giving directions, suggesting places which they may need to make their stay in Japan lovely and enjoyable.

Hanna will make great recommendations based on your likes, budget and location. You will find what you need really fast. If for instance, you are looking for a sushi restaurant, Hanna will tell you where you can find one in a place near you. You will also get to see the reviews, pictures and a Google map link, all these details in one place.

Hanna, your personal assistant and companion while in Japan, will make your trip enjoyable and easy. Gone are the days when you have to rely on unfriendly people and too many confusing tools to use—trust son Hanna to get you what you need while in Japan.