Kamakura: The Kyoto of the East

Japan’s first feudal capital (1185 – 1333), Kamakura is dotted with stunning shrines and temples that reflect its buddhist legacy. Meander along quaint streets, explore bamboo groves or enjoy a scoop of soft-serve ice cream by the sea. A perfect blend of rich culture and laid-back surfer vibes, Kamakura is the ideal day trip to escape the hustle and bustle…

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Man sitting on the edge of a pier looking out onto a lake with mountains
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3 Inspiring Solo Trips to Take After a Break-up

Whether it’s your first love or a long-term relationship gone sour, wallowing in heartbreak isn’t healthy. If you’re recently single and ready to start the healing process, a good dose of travel should do the trick. After all, travelling is proven to make you happier. On top of that, solo travel is an incredible chance to grow as a person.…

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