Unusual, World

Best Abandoned Theme Parks Around the World

There is something undeniably creepy and fascinating about the idea of abandoned theme parks. Not only do they hint are discovering the unknown—whatever that might be—but the silent decay of technology as it is reclaimed by nature is also inspiring. Whether you want an eerie experience or a different kind of thrill, here are some of the best abandoned theme…

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Asia, Japan

5 of Japan’s Craziest Festivals You Have to Experience

You might have heard, but the Japanese have some bizarre customs that are unlike anywhere else in the world. Surely, you have heard about festivals, or matsuri (祭り), such as cherry blossom festivals. However, if you get adventurous enough, you should think about checking out kisai (奇祭), or “festivals with bizarre or unusual rituals,” that can be found throughout the…

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South America

7 Places Everyone Can Have a True Ayahuasca Experience

Inducing altered states of consciousness Ayahuasca is a jungle tea that is made with a vine of the same name as well as another ingredient of either chacruna or chagropanga.  The tea is drank during a ceremonial session of a retreat and can be mildly stimulating or extremely visionary.  The effects of this medicinal tea can last anywhere from four…

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